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Phenolic Case
Capsule Gauges
Special Features

Standard Followed ASME-B 40.1

Phenolic Case With Solid Front Design Blow Out Back
Wetted Parts AISI 316L Stainless Steel

External Zero Adjustable
Ready For Oxygen Service
IP 65


Ambient Temperature: -4°F(-20°C) to+150°F (+65°C)

Process Temperature: Max. 248°F (120°C)
Operating Pressure Range: 75% of Scale Value
Over Pressure Limit: 110% of Max. Scale Value

Case: Phenolic
Joints: Tig Argon Arc Welding

Socket: AISI 316L SS
Capsule: AISI 316L SS

Movement: AISI 304 SS
Dial: Aluminum
Pointer: Fixed
Window: Safety Glass
Range: -250-0"wc to 0-250"wc

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