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Gas Test
Pressure Gauges
Special Features

Economy Version
Black Steel Case And Plastic
Chrome Plated Block Valve
Standard Followed AMSE –B.40.1/EN837-1



Ambient Temperature: -4°F (-20°C) to + 150°F (+65°C)

Process Temperature: Max.248°F (120°C)
Operating Pressure Range: 75% of Scale Value
Over Pressure Limit: 125% of Max.Scale Value

Case: Black Steel Case
Joints: Alloy Brazing/Soldering

Socket: Copper Alloy
Bourdon: Copper Alloy

Movement: Copper Alloy

Block:Chrome Plated Steel Block

Dial: Aluminum
Pointer: Fixed
Window: Snap-in Plastic lens

Range: 15psi to 300psi

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