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Magnetic Differential
Pressure Gauges
Special Features

Die Cast Aluminum
And Chrome body Part After 168 Hours Salt Bath Test
The Final Coating Of Dark Gray Exterior
Indicate Low Air Or Non-Corrosive gas
Pressure-eighter Positive
Negative(vacuum) Of Differential
The Design Resists Shock
Vibration and Over-pressures No Manometer Fluid To Evaporate

Freeze Or Cause Toxic Or Leving Problems


Dimension: 4-3/4"dia.x2-3/16"Deep
Weight: 1 1b.2oz.(510g)
Fonished: Back Dark Gary Enamel
Connection: 1/8"NPT(F) Hight And Low Pressure Taps Duplicated,One Pair Siad And One Pair Back

Accuracy: +4% Of Full Scale,At 70°F(21.1°C)

Pressure Rating: 15 psi(1.03bar)
Ambient Temperature: 20-140°F(-7-60°C)

Standard Gage Accessories:

1/8"NPT(M)Plugs For Duplicate Pressure Taps

1/8"NPT(M)Pipe Threat To Rubber Tubing Adapters And Three Flush Mounting Adapters With Screws

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