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All SS Electric Contact
Pressure Gauges
Special Features

Wetted Parts AISI 316L Stainless Steel 

Dry or Liquid Version

NACE MR 0175 Compliance

Helium Leak Tested

Internal Vacuum/ Over Pressure Stops 



Ambient  Temperature :  -4 °F  (-20°C)  to  + 150°F (+65°C) Process  Temperature :  Max. 392°F  (200°C)

Operating  Pressure  Range :  75%  of  Scale  Value

Over  Pressure  Limit :  125%  of  Max. Scale  Value

Case :  AISI  3 04  SS

Joints :  Tig  Argon  Arc  Welding

Socket :  AISI  316L  SS

Bourdon:  AISI  316L  SS

Movement :  AISI  304  SS

Dial :Aluminum 

Pointer :  Fixed

Contact: Silver-Nickel

Window :  Safety  Glass

Range :  Vacuum  to  10,000PSI

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