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Piston Type Differential
Pressure Gauges

Accuracy: +3% Of The FSD (Ascending)
Migration: Minor From High To Low Port
Range: 0-0.25 to 0-10bar/psi or psi/kPa Dual Scale
First Marking On The Scale: 15% Of The FSD

Sensing Element: Magnetic Piston With Compression Spring

Wetted Parts: SS316,SS 302 Compression Spring,Seals &       Ceramic Magnet

Case Material & Dial Size:

Stainless Steel (SS 304):2.5",3.5",4.0

Engineering Polymer:2.5"

Mounting: Direct,Front Flange,2"Pipe & Surface Mounting
Maximum Working Pressure:100,250 & 400 bar

Maximum Process Temperature: 0 to 80°C(32 to175°F)

Enclosure: Engineering Polymer
Seals: Buna-N & Viton
Window: Float Glass(std.),Toughened Glass,Acrylic & Safety Glass
Connection: 1/4"BSP(F) Std.Optional 1/4"NPT(F)
Porting: In-Line
Over Range Protection: Up To The Max.Working Pressure From High & Low Side

Protection For Gauge & Switch: IP 65

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