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Mud Gauges
Special Features

Provide accurate Pressure Reading and Built In Dampening
Liquid Filed Gauge Minimized Vibration

And Wear To Gauge Movement

Quick And Accurate Response To Pressure Changes

The Stationery Dial And Moving Pointer Is Easy Seen


Ambient Temperature: -77°F(-25°C) to + 131°F(+55°C)

Operating Pressure Range: 75% of Scale Value
Fork: Stainless Steel
Movement: Brass

Pointer: Fixed
Window: Perspex
Case filling: Glycerine Filled
Case&ring: Gun Metal Casting,

Weather Proof Gray Hammertone Finish

Mounting & Entry: Direct With Bottom

Sensing Element: AISI 316L SS

Diaphragm Chamber Material: Stainless Steel
Sealing Fluid: Silicon Oil
Mud Protection: Neoprene Rubber Pad

Process Connection: 2"NPT(M)

Process Conn.Material: Mild Steel,Anti-Corrosion Treated

Accuracy: 3-2-3 (Grade B) 2-1-2 (Grade A)

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